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Maintenance treatment

for your trees and shrubs
Cedar hedge trimmer

Cedar hedge trimmer

The cedar hedge is often used as a privacy screen. In order to keep it beautiful, strong and healthy, it is necessary to prune it periodically. This action consists in adequately pruning the branches of the cedar hedges in order to obtain a beautiful green hedge, to encourage the growth of the branches and to control their growth. The service is performed annually during the summer or until mid-October. Contact us to receive an estimate to cut it from your hedge.

Fertilization of trees and shrubs

By drawing nutrients, trees and shrubs derive several benefits: Increases the density and color of the foliage, improves general and root growth, promotes healing following stress and reduces vulnerability to certain pest diseases and insects.

Dormant oil treatment

Done in the spring, dormant oil allows you to get the most out of your fruit and ornamental tree investment. It is an oil that protects your tree from insects and mites that overwinter on branches and bark.

Treatment of a sick tree

Do you have a sick tree on your property? Before considering cutting this tree, contact us. If we have a solution, it would be great to save it!

Services in winter seasons

for our precious clientele

Snow removal of your cedars

In order to keep your cedars in good health and specially to prevent the amount of snow from breaking branches, it is important to snow plow your hedges a few times. This frees up your branches and allows you to have cedars in good shape when spring arrives.

Roof snow removal

Make sure the weight of the snow does not damage the structure of your roof. Get your roof plowed by our professional team.

Snow clearance and access to your home

A little luxury at your fingertips, make sure that access to your home is safe at all times.