Tips and advice for your lawn

Should the lawn be watered during periods of drought?

A lawn that lacks water goes into dormancy, that is, it stops growing. The leaves and stems die off and turn yellowish, but the seeds of growths remain alive. The lawn gradually turns green when the rainy weather returns.

In general, a well-maintained lawn (by Passion Pelouse for example!) Can survive up to six weeks without water. However, it will be more vulnerable to trampling, weed invasion and insect infestations. This is where our teams will be able to unleash their magic. Avoid walking unnecessarily on your lawn and do not mow it when it is dormant.

Here are some tips to keep your lawn in good condition without consuming too much water:

When you water the lawn, make sure that the water penetrates deeply. The lawn should receive enough water so that the soil is moist about 10 to 15 cm deep. This approach promotes the development of long roots allowing plants to survive the next drought.

It is best to water slowly, in the form of fine droplets.

Avoid watering at midday when the weather is hot: up to 75% of the water will evaporate before entering the soil. If possible, irrigate your lawn in the morning or, failing that, in the early evening. Of course, respect the watering restrictions issued by your municipality.

Let the lawn grow 8 to 10 cm high during the summer. The soil will be cooler and will dry out less quickly.

Thanks to the passion of our team, give your lawn the appropriate care. A dense and vigorous lawn is more resistant to heat and drought

What to do in a heat wave?

First enjoy it! In Quebec, winter is quite long!

You may forget to mow your lawn for a few days. Indeed, a longer lawn will be better protected from the heat wave and will help you to have a lush and healthy lawn. We advise you to raise the blades of your mower as high as possible (8 cm). Always mow at the end of the day to make the most of the evening freshness and the morning dew, after the rain, not before. When there are watering restrictions, please mow on the day when you can water your lawn. If watering is prohibited, reduce the frequency of mowing.

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Mowing: Am I better to bag my grass or leave it on the ground?

It is best to bag your grass when cutting. This allows you to avoid leaving the weeds on the ground and thus allow them to reproduce more easily. By composting your grass cuts you will avoid the proliferation of unwanted people. In addition, you avoid increasing the thickness of the thatch, your grass breathes better. The look is also improved and our products will do their job more easily.